Tuesday, January 11, 2011

When you need help NOW

No matter what side of the political spectrum you inhabit, it is a rare person who has not wondered what possible safety measures could have prevented the tragic shooting in Tucson. Somewhere lies an answer – somewhere between the sixth grade teacher in North Brookfield School District in Massachusetts, who has banned pencils from her classroom as possible weapons - see annyjacoby.amplify.com for more on that – and the powerful gun lobby that opposes gun regulation in the United States. For most people, the next question is - if faced with a mass shooting, how would you react? Listening to the replayed transcripts of the 911 calls, you can’t help but wonder if those few seconds of questions from the 911 operators are truly necessary. Just send help. That’s what the imSafe App offers – a quick three taps of a blue button on an iPhone and authorities are dispatched immediately. No questions, no discussions, just press the button and help is on the way. And, what an empowering feeling to know that no matter the situation, help is just a button away.